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Ta-leme is an online platform designed to promote Hellenic culture and bring Greeks together from all around the world. Personalized services are provided in all the important fields of Greek mentality such as learning the Greek language, psychotherapy and personal assistance. At the same time a long list of articles about the wonder of Greek civilization makes sure we celebrate our Greekness everyday.

Learn Greek

Greek is the oldest and richest language alive. It's considered the mother of all languages. A lot of Greek words are used internationally in everyday language and scientific terminology. So you may be already speaking Greek but you don't know it . If you are interested in the Greek language, you can learn how to speak, read and write through our website. Experienced teachers of the Greek language provide personalized classes of modern Greek ,greek history and philosophy. Our site is also leading in the field of teaching ancient Greek in two different levels, underage beginners and adult entry level.

Greek Services

services in greece

Greek Public Sector can access every Greek public-sector service such as ministries, embassies, tax authorities, local authorities, custom services and the main Greek banks, providing you with information and specialized support.

services in greece

Legal Advice can answer every legal question regarding the Greek legal system. Working with reliable legal offices around Greece, we provide general information as well as specialized legal services to our clients worldwide.

services in greece

Information and Services provides assistance and guidance in several aspects of Greek everyday life. Management, problem solving, real estate advice, medical services, travel complications and more. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a brief description of your case.

Online Psychotherapy (gr/en)

Psychotherapy is a modern and evolving science. Many principles used in modern psychotherapy are derived from ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato,Socrates and Aristotle. Ancient Greeks were the ones who divided the mind from the soul giving a dominant position in people's feelings. provides personalized counselling and psychotherapy sessions online to all Greeks living in the diaspora. The experience of online psychotherapy will surprise you . It combines live skype communication with the use of geneogrammes and charts.

Courses/SessionsModern GreekAncient GreekPsychotherapy
130 €35 €60 €
260 €70 €120 €
4108 €126 €216 €
8204 €238 €408 €
16384 €448 €768 €
32768 €896 € -
Other Services: Price upon request


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