Epidaurus, 2016Following the steps of the ancient Greeks is a Greek company founded by young professionals proud of their Hellenic heritage and culture and dedicated to empower the national identity of Greeks worldwide. It was inspired in the summer of 2016 by a magical landmark, the Epidaurus Theatre. There, on an ancient rock, the idea of bringing Greeks together from around the world was born. As visitors from many countries gathered to take their seats, a feeling of awe spread over the theatre. It was the 6th of August 2016. Thousands of people attended the Aristophanes play, Lustrate. Being there that night was an overwhelming experience. Knowing that our forefathers sat on these rocks, watched the sun set, shared their ideas and breathed life into civilization as we know it, was exhilarating.

Aristotelous square Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, at your service

One year later, the idea of connecting native Greeks with Greeks of the Diaspora is a reality thanks to our website Our team is composed by trained teachers, skilled psychologists and includes lawyers, computer experts, translators, authors, journalists, lovers of the Greek culture and friends from the Diaspora. All of us have come together to celebrate our Greek origin, our language and culture, our tradition and values and the never ending connection with our home country. is dedicated to teaching Greek and ancient Greek, to support and counsel Greek expats and to help them carry through with their affairs in Greece.

We believe that speaking Greek helps you acknowledge your roots and understand the basis of all modern languages. Furthermore, by attending counselling with Greek psychologists you can communicate your thoughts and feelings with someone who shares your mentality. Ultimately, living abroad means that you have left your Greek affairs behind. You can have a trusted person in Greece managing your dealings thanks to At the same time, you contribute to your home country’s wellbeing by supporting a Greek start up that occupies hard working young people.

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