Eros and Psyche

Psyche was a very beautiful young woman. That made goddess Aphrodite jealous…it is known that ancient Greek gods had human feelings and humanlike behaviours. Aphrodite ordered her son, Eros, the god of love, to poison men’s souls so they could not desire her. But, when Eros saw Psyche fell in love with her. Psyche was not married and her parents asked for an oracle. Oracle Delphi replied that their daughter would marry an ugly beast. Eros had asked Apollo to give this prediction so he could marry her without having to reveal his identity.

After the wedding Psyche would meet with her husband only at night. Their union was tender and fulfilling and the two lovers were very happy. However, Psyche’s sisters convinced her to kill her beast-husband for her own safety. Psyche went forward with the murder plan but, when she approached her sleeping husband and saw his face…she was mesmerised and woke him up. Eros woke up feeling betrayed and ran away. Psyche went after him. Psyche started looking around for her true love…that was her destiny.

She underwent three impossible tasks to prove her love to Aphrodite. One of these tasks was to bring a box to Aphrodite from the underworld. Psyche carried the box but her curiosity prevailed and opened it. Inside there was Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams. So, Psyche fell in an eternal sleep.

Eros decided to save her and asked Zeus to bring her back and make her immortal so the two lovers could be together forever. Zeus, impressed with their love story, gave Psyche ambrosia, the drink of immortality, asked Aphrodite to back off and united them in marriage as gods.