Ancient Greek Scandals…Women in the Ancient Olympic Games!

In the ancient world women were very restricted. They were prohibited to enter, participate or even watch the sporting events. However, a Spartan woman managed to win at the Olympics and historians documented this victory as a form of depreciation of the games. Cynisca was the daughter of the King of Sparta, Archidamus II and the sister of the later King of Sparta, Agesilaus II. As a Spartan woman, she was trained in several sports as a prerequisite of producing strong children. The rest of the Greek world would not allow women to learn any kind of sport, not even participate as a spectator in the Olympic Games. Cynisca employed men and entered the Olympics twice and won in the four-horse chariot racing, known as the tethrippon. But she did not witness her victories. She was the only female to win the wreath at the Olympic games and even was honored with a statue in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia.