TA-LEME.COM offers you the chance to learn Greek online in a fun and easy way. Our concept is based on private courses via skype. It is an interactive learning method that includes verbal games, specially designed exercises,greek history pieces, songs and fun videos under the supervision of native Greek teachers . It's easy and smart to learn Greek in the comfort of you own home. Our website's private lessons are adjusted according to each student's age and level of knowledge.


For your first Greek private lesson with TA-LEME.COM you will need:

  • a high speed internet connection
  • a tablet or a computer with a webcam
  • earphones
  • Greek keyboard or a digital pen
  • a skype account
  • a parent consent form for underage students
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Course materials

Course materials are uploaded on our platform during the lesson and are available for free on a pdf format.

Greek language

Language Levels and Certificates

Modern GreekAncient Greek
A1 BeginnersA1 Beginners
A2 Low IntermediateB1 Intermediate
B1 IntermediateC1 Advanced
B2 Upper Intermediate
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

Method of learning - Modern Greek


TA-LEME.COM teachers use a holistic method of learning to read and write. This is widely known as the "Decroly method", named after the Belgian teacher and psychologist Ovide Decroly. At first you learn how to recognize and remember Greek words and phrases and how to communicate using simple vocabulary and common Greek expressions. Then you are introduced in syllables and letters of the alphabet and start developing writing skills. Eventually, the Greek learning experience is enriched with the basic use of the Greek grammar and syntax. Working with native Greek teachers upgrades the level of your language skills and emphasizes your accent ,vocabulary and modern day slang.

Method of learning – Ancient Greek

parthenon greece

TA-LEME.COM is dedicated to the survival of the ancient Greek language, the mother of contemporary languages.With the use of the holistic method you are introduced to extracts from Greek history,philosophy and mythology. You can learn how to read ,understand and analyze the context of selected pieces from Homer's epic stories to Plato.The next step is to process the vocabulary and comprehend the etymology of ancient Greek words. With our method you delve into the ancient Greek language and at the same time gain access to your rich Greek heritage.

How to enroll

Step 1: Fill in the interest form.

Step 2: You will receive an email to arrange a web meeting.

Step 3: Get to know your teacher and discuss with him/her your language skills and the details of your educational programme.

Step 4: Set up your first lesson.

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