Psychotherapy is a modern day science dedicated to making your life healthier, happier and more productive. Online psychotherapy has become very popular over the recent years. The flexibility of meeting a therapist of your choice from around the world and from the comfort of your own home is challenging the idea of traditional therapy meetings. TA-LEME.COM provides Greeks worldwide access to credited Greek psychologists with excellent proficiency of both languages (Greek/English) and deep undrerstanding of the Greek mentality that influences your relationships and way of thinking.

How it works


Counselling psychology
Counselling psychology addresses social ,emotional and psychological issues of everyday people. After a brief diagnostic meeting the therapist focuses on the origin of the symptoms ,the understanding of the consequences and the resolvement of the crises. The treatment is completed when a sense of well being is achieved and personal and professional function is restored.

Cognitive analytic therapy
Cognitive analytic therapy or CAT addresses stress related issues in a very realistic and effective way. It's a model that emphasizes routines and patterns that need to change using graphs and rating sheets ,self observation and graphic representation of disfunctional situations. This approach extends typically over 8-24 weekly sessions. It is divided in two parts. The first part is the reformulation phase and the second half is the recognition phase. After the end of the planed sessions CAT requires two follow-up meetings.

agalmatidiaSystemic psychotherapy
In systemic therapy, also referred to as family therapy , the individual is viewed as part of a wider system. Stressful symptoms and disorders are treated within the context of the referred patient's family. Other systems are involved in the treatment. The professional environment, the national identity, the historical circumstances form the framework in which subsystems such as the family ,the couple or the individual have to adjust and evolve. The combination of online practice and systemic therapy is very interesting .Sometimes the system's diversity remains invisible in multicultural environments such as big metropolitan cities. has invested in the need of Greeks worldwide to work with a Greek therapist who understands the Greek mentality.

brains coloredEthics abides by the Greek code of ethics for psychologists. To view the ethics code in detail visit the terms and conditions article of our website. The most important ethical issues between the therapist and the client are as follows:

  • Inform consent
  • Privacy
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect for the Dignity of Persons and Peoples
  • Integrity

How to book a session


Step 1. Fill in the interest form.

Step 2. Do not hesitate to provide a brief description of the issue you want to talk about

Step 3. You will receive an e-mail from suggesting a credited therapist who can work with you, his/her brief CV and a proposed date for a meeting

Step 4. Set up an introductory meeting in which you will discuss the terms of your therapeutic relationship

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